Sven Pharma Superdrol 10mg 100 Methyl Drostanolone tablets


Name: Mast Drostan,

Manufacturer: Sven Pharmaceuticals,

Contents: 100 x 10mg methyldrostanolone (superdrol) tablets.

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Sven Pharma Superdrol 10mg tablets For Sale Online

The Superdrol 10mg tablet is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid tablet that contains Methyldrostanolone, or Methasterone. And it is made by underground labs and is only available online. Not to be confused with the legal Superdrol which you can buy in supplement stores.

It is popular with movie stars and wealthy people, and it is probably the most powerful steroid available online. As it is very toxic on your liver, it is important that you take a liver cleansing supplement such as milk thistle whilst using Superdrol.

The recommended dosages according to the experts on the bodybuilding and muscle forums is no more than 40mg per day. That is 10mg in the morning when you wake up, 20mg before your workout and 10mg before you go to sleep at night.

It is very close to the steroid Masteron, and you will not experience any bloating or water retention.