Advar Pharma Test E 300mg Testosterone Enanthate 10ml injection vial


Name: Testenan 300,

Manufacturer: Advar Pharma,

Contents: 300mg/1ml/10ml testosterone enanthate injection vial.

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Advar Pharma Test E Injections For Sale

Advar Pharma Test E 300mg is one of the longer-acting forms of testosterone, as compared to something like testosterone propionate, meaning a bodybuilder can inject less often to still get comparable results.

Normally, a twice-weekly schedule of injections is sufficient to maintain steady levels of testosterone in the blood stream. Testosterone Enanthate is generally considered the base steroid to most cycles, because it is the most common anabolic hormone and one of the most basic.

It has both anabolic and androgenic characteristics, making it more flexible than other hormones. Testosterone users, who usually buy this steroid online, notice significant gains in muscle size and strength, in addition to other benefits like improved sense of well-being and increased sex drive.

Steroid stacks including Testoviron, along with other roids like NPP and Equipoise, and oral compounds like Dianabol or Anadrol are used by bodybuilders interested in bulking up.

During cutting phases, they may combine testosterone with Trenbolone, along with an oral like Stanozolol or Turinabol.

Bodybuilders interested in taking testosterone steroids need to be sure they have a solid PCT plan in place, since testosterone enanthate use will quickly shut down natural testosterone the body normally produces.

By following such a plan, gains will be better maintained, even after the steroid has been discontinued.

At the end of the cycle, it is important to use a combination of Clomid, or Nolvadex, and HCG for at least 3-4 weeks to restore the proper operation of the testes and pituitary glands as quickly and effectively as possible.

Male bodybuilders interested in using Advar Pharma Test E 300mg injections will begin typically in the range of 500mg to 1250mg per week, for a cycle of 8 to 20 weeks. It will depend, of course, on the athlete’s goals and objectives and the plan will need to be formulated with those goals in mind.