Advar Pharma Nolvadex 20mg 50 Tamoxifen tablets


Name: Tamoxifen,

Manufacturer: Advar Pharma,

Contents: 50 x 20mg nolvadex tablets.

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Advar Pharma Nolvadex tablets are a great product which is used for post cycle therapy, and is popular with bodybuilders. It came from the chemical form of tamoxifen citrate. It is an anti-estrogen steroid which is very easy to cure breast cancer.

This is the product which is estrogenic by type. It is approved by the FDA in December of 1997. Women’s breast cancer is a great problem nowadays. Many people die every year because of breast cancer and they even do not know that Nolvadex can cure this disease.

Surgery is another solution of breast cancer but it has long term side effects which are not desired. Most of the people do not prefer surgery if they can have any medicine to cure the cancer.

Tamoxifen Citrate cures the breast cancer very quickly. It removes the cancer affected cells so that you can have a fresh body. It doesn’t mean that you will face lack of cells. It removes cancer affected cells and on the other hand it makes new cells.

Nolvadex is the first choice of women. It is great for the breast cancer treatment. It is a substitute of breast cancer. If you want to store the medicine then you must keep it in 15 to 30 degree Celsius.

Heat can change the chemicals bonds which will spoil the product. The weekly limit of using the product is 300mg; higher dose cause higher side effects so don’t take a higher dose. Always limit the dose of Advar Pharma Nolvadex tablets with the amount that your body can tolerate otherwise it will cause unwanted health problems.