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Showing all 8 results

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HGH injections are for sale domestic in Canada and are popularly used by bodybuilders to improve the size of their muscle mass. The supplement helps in improving the size of muscle cells and improved the overall structure of the human body.

Because Ansomone HGH helps in improving the production of human growth hormone when injected, the size of the available muscle cells improves and the damaged cells can be repaired.

Somatropin improves the overall performance because users in Canada will notice a change in the energy and aggression levels, that helps them in improving the performance during workout, thus leading to the improvement of the body structure.

Users will also notice higher metabolism rate when they intake Jintropin HGH. This increase in metabolism rate will help the users in reducing the excess weight.

Growth hormone is one of the most essential hormones produced in the human body, and some people face deficiency in the production of this hormone.

It is important that they intake the hormone synthetically to let the body grow properly. Most of the times, it is the age factor that influences the production of growth hormone in the body. If a person is old, he/she will have lower production of human growth hormone.

With the improvement in the production of human growth hormone, even the patients of HIV+ can be helped. Hygetropin HGH when given to patients suffering from AIDS will be able to improve the bone density and also improve the muscle growth.

Healthy individuals are not advised to intake this supplement because it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are a bodybuilder, then the minimum recommended dosage is 0.5iu to 2iu. This dosage can be carried on for 6 months and should be taken 6 times a week with a day off. HGH is also popular as an anti-aging agent in Canada.