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Is it possible that you are suffering from Andropause? Are you feeling a loss of libido and finding it difficult to get a good nights sleep? Are you feeling depressed, losing your memory, gaining weight around your waist, feeling impotent?

Then it’s possible that you are a victim of andropause (the male menopause). What you may need is some TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

However, there are a number of issues that can typically be seen while a man is in andropause.

Effects of Andropause

Lowered testosterone levels may have a number of effects within men. The most commonly cited effects are sexual dysfunction issues, such as impotence.

This may be noted so often because it is often easy to tell if a man has become impotent. This disorder may affect the sex life that a man has with his spouse.

And this may cause deleterious effects in a marriage. Many medicines have been created to address this issue, but it still does affect men in various ways all over the world.

Other side effects of undergoing andropause are those that are likely psychological in origin. Men may experience depression and anxiety when they begin to lose their overall testosterone level.

They may feel less confident in themselves, which can further add to existing psychological problems. These may also be accompanied by physiological disorders, such as weight gain and insomnia.

Treatments for Andropause

One way to reduce the effects of andropause may be to initiate a testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) program. The main concept of a TRT program is to give men a synthetic form of testosterone to restore their levels back to normal.

One such TRT substance commonly used is the Andriol Testocaps. Many doctors prefer to prescribe Andriol because it can be taken orally instead of requiring regular injections.

The synthetic testosterone is also not as dangerous for liver function, which means that it won’t cause as many side effects. We also have Sustanon, Testoviron, Test Prop and Test Cyp injections at competitive prices.