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Will Mr Hyde Pre-Workout Make You Fail A Drugs Test?

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It is perfectly normal to worry about getting a false positive on a drug test when you are taking pre-workout supplements.

The internet is full of stories of people who have had positives on their tests after using supplements. But the truth is that using Mr Hyde NitroX Intense Energy Pre-Workout powder will not cause you to have any problems with these tests.

The only time that you will receive a positive on a test, is if you have been actually taking drugs that the test is screening for.

What the Test Is for

The first thing to realize is that when you take a NCAA or military drug test, they are testing to see if you have used illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, or an illegal amphetamine.

If you have not been using illegal drugs then you do not have to worry about a positive showing up on your test.

What Won’t Show Up

Many people worry about receiving a false positive when they use Mr Hyde pre-workout, but this is something that you should not concern yourself with.

Since drug tests do not check for caffeine, there is no reason why your test would come back positive. Knowing this will give users peace of mind when they decide to use a pre-workout that contains caffeine as part of their workout regimen.

As long as you have not been using an amphetamine, or other type of illegal drug, you do not have to worry about using Mr Hyde when you work out, as this will not show up on drug tests.

This peace of mind will ensure that you are able to work out to the best of your ability and rely on the power of this pre-workout supplement so that you can push yourself without having to worry about what would happen if you were forced to take drug tests as part of your job or school.

There was a recall in 2015 when the old formula was banned from certain stores because it contained Picamilon and DMAA, but that has been rectified now, and any rumours of a death by heart attack proved false.

While the most dangerous things that may happen to you from consuming this product are that you may get a slight case of diarrhea, a headache or temporary erectile dysfunction, it certainly won’t kill you.

Although a few bodybuilders have complained that they can’t sleep if they overdose on it because of the Caffeine content.