Is Steroid Source Review Forum Eroids A Legit Site?

One of the questions we hear bodybuilders and steroid users asking is, is, one of the most popular steroid source review forums on the internet, a legitimate website that can be trusted, or is it a scam?

While we can’t totally be sure about that, all we can say is it probably was when it first started out in 2010. Genuinely trying to help out bodybuilders, athletes, MMA fighters, sportsmen and doormen in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

To purchase anabolic steroids such as Oxandrolone, Winstrol, Dianabol, HGH, HCG, peptides, proviron, SARMS, Clenbuterol and post cycle therapy treatments online from overseas and domestic sources using bitcoin.

Although it looks like times may have changed, we have heard varying tales, from it being controlled by the DEA and FDA to find out information on steroid using bodybuilders, also that it may be owned by a major scammer who also owns all of the sources listed on Eroids, and won’t allow any negative comments.

Or it could just be that most of the sources listed are selective scammers, meaning they just send some of the orders, and pay the admins and moderators to delete any negative posts about them, like a lot of the so called source checker forums have been doing for years.

And other people say that it is owned by some of the biggest underground labs (UGL) in Eastern Europe.

And then of course there are the many customers who say its a very legitimate site, and have had many successful orders come through.

There is only one way to actually find out of course, and that is to place an order and transfer the funds, and see if your package arrives in the post, the same as it is if you order from our website, and the many others on the internet. To be safe it is probably best to make a small order first, and then a medium sized order followed by a large order at the end.

There are also other steroids source checking websites out there, such as that operate along the same lines.

One thing is for certain, as soon as a website becomes successful, then the jealous competitors will start to make bogus complaints on unmoderated boards and forums trying to give it a bad name, and come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories.

So it is in our own honest opinion that eroids is a legit site, just like ours and many others with complaints, false scam reports and bad reviews online.